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Important Information for the June 29 2014 Congregational Meeting

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June 29 2014 Congregational Meeting Agenda

UCC Proposed Leadership 2014-15

The Top Ten Changes to the Constitution

Constitutional Changes, Tracked

Constitutional Changes, Untracked

Summary Financial Report June 2014.pdf

Vision Summary June 29 v2.pdf

Leadership for the July 2013 - June 2014 Church Year


*current and archived Moderator's Messages, and current lay leadership are posted at the bottom of this page.

*for email or phone contact information for any of the people listed below, please call the church office, 406-543-6952




Executive Committee

Moderator                     Terri Herron                          

Vice Moderator             Nancy Winslow                                                                              

Treasurer                      Joyce Watson                                                                                                         

Clerk                             Lyn Badger                                                                                    

Senior Pastor                Peter Shober            

Associate Pastor           Amy Carter         


Ministry Area & Standing Committee Representatives

Congo Life                     Susan Cuff               

Faith Dev                       Renate Bush       

Justice/Witness             Steve McArthur  

Worship/Spirit. Life      Patti Nau            

Pastoral Rel.                  Ernest Dewey     

Nominating Comm.       Nancy Winslow  

Endowment Comm.        open

Personnel Comm.           open

UCCC Preschool             Carragh Smith    


At-Large Members

                                      Austin Carr         

                                      Janie Cook                                                                                                              

                                      Ellen DeWolfe                                                                                

                                      Larry Shaw                                                                                      

                                      Joni Stormo                                                                                     


Standing Church Committees  (*cabinet rep)

UCCC Preschool Board

Sarah Bryan                                              

Peggy Schmidt                                         

*Carragh Smith                                                                                                                     


Personnel Committee

Paul DeWolfe                                           

Colin Hardy                                              

Eric Johnston                                            

Rebecca Kellenberg                                  


Pastoral Relations Committee

Nancy Winslow (chair)                                               

Tom Cook                                                 

Brian Derry                                               

*Ernest Dewey                                         

Jane McAllister                                         


Nominating Committee

*Nancy Winslow (chair)                                             

Amy Carter                                               

John Firehammer                                      

Joan Mattelin-Garrett                               

Peter Shober                                             

Judy Zizzo                                                


Endowment Committee

Kirby Christian                                         

Tom Mensing                                            

Dirk Williams                                           

Ministry Area Coordinating Teams (*cabinet rep)

Worship and Spiritual Life

Cynthia Bryan                                          

Bonnie Buckingham                                 

Tom King                                                 

*Patti Nau                                                

Peter Shober                            

Janice Springer                                         


Justice and Witness

Carol Brett                                                

Anne Graham                                           

*Steve McArthur                                      

Dori Nielson                                             

Larry Shaw                                               

Peter Shober                            

Shirley Tiernan                                         

Judy Zizzo


Congregational Life

*Susan Cuff                                             

Gene Miller                                                     

James Pool                                                

Grace Will                                                

Jessica Roberts Phelps                              

Joan Mattelin Garrett                               


Faith Development

*Renate Bush                                           

Amy Carter                                                                                                                             

Sarah Hallgrimson                                          

Leah Harris-Musack                                 

Brad Herron                                             

Sharene Menson                                       

Sonja Skovlin                          

Valerie Young                                          

Zoe Moore


Vision Campaign Oversight Groups (*cabinet rep)



Loren Stormo, Co-Chair                           

*Joyce Watson, Co-Chair                         

Linda Cunningham, Recorder


Bricks & Mortar

*Ellen DeWolfe                                        

Paul DeWolfe                                           

David Gray                                               

Loren Harris-Musack                                

Dori Nielson                                             

Brian Nostrant                                          

Erin Nostrant                                            


Vision (Programs & Staffing)

*Amy Carter                                             

Carolyn Dewey                                        

Brad Herron                                             

Joyce Hocker                                            

*Peter Shober                          

Gene Simon                                              

Jean Woessner                                          

* = Cabinet representatives

Current Moderator's Message

April Moderator’s Message

I am honored and humbled to assume the Moderator position this week (April 2014).  Over these last couple of months, I have listened to many people and talked with the last Moderator, Interim Moderator, and our pastors.  There is one thing I know….you all have passion and love for this church and its vision. What a gift this is, and I am happy that we are claiming that gift.  This was a key factor in my deciding to accept the nomination.  I am so excited to plug into your passion by inviting you to participate in the life of the church, to go outside of your comfort zone in your church life.  Answer a new invitation to volunteer, have a conversation with someone you do not know well, sit in a different pew at a different service, write a note at the Care Core table, rejoice in someone else’s triumph, hug a stranger. 

I also invite you to participate in a new mechanism to communicate with the Cabinet.  Each Sunday after each service, we will have a couple of Cabinet members in a new “Cabinet Corner” in the narthex or Fireside Room.  Come chat, ask question, or just get to know us. 

Finally, mid-April is the one-year anniversary of our Vision Campaign kickoff.  You have pledged over $550,000 to this vision, and you have already written checks for over $250,000 to honor those pledges.  We have paid off our mortgage, contracted for a major roof replacement, expanded  Kels’ position into young adult ministry, almost fully funded the small groups program and position, and funded related tithe to community organizations.   Let’s keep the momentum going – and pledge payments coming – to carry us into the long list of capital improvements included in the vision.   

A hearty “thank you” to Steve McArthur for serving as Interim Moderator the last couple of months.  Steve’s energy and smiling face is infectious.  We are grateful for his willingness to jump in head first.  He will be on a long-planned pilgrimage to Tennessee for the next five weeks, and we wish him well.   Much appreciation also goes to Larry Shaw, who assumed Vice-Moderator duties in leading the Nomination Committee during this time.  We are grateful to you both! 

The Cabinet will be undertaking a much-needed revision of our church constitution in coming weeks.   They are looking for one or two members to participate in this process.  While working on our governing document may not be glamorous, it is important to providing the structure to effectively operate as a large organization.  Please contact Terri Herron if you are interested (

To review the church constitution, please visit this page here.

Read the Interim Moderator's most recent report here.

Review Ruth Fletcher's insights from our Congregational Forum here.

Archive of Past Moderator's Reports